Web Sites that help you conducting business in China

In this article, we’ll talk about different internet sites which might be of use when doing business in China, contains search engine, business sites and several other sites.

According to latest re-search produced in fourth quarter 2005, you’ll find more than 100 million Internet users in China. (China rank second just after U.S.) However, it just covers 7.9% of the population. More important is the fact that 6-30 of these Internet users have performed on line purchase. In the last 10 years, the expansion rate of Internet user is 300-900. We can assume that the market in China have enormous potential.

First We are going to add different search-engines in China and Hong Kong. so we shall get it in count), (Hong Kong is obviously the gateway to your business-to get into China. If you want to get your website be searched by 100-million Internet users, you had better make submission to-the following search engines. These types of search engines welcome website in English too. It is far better if you have your site in Chinese.

You may find problems in submission for some of the internet sites if you can’t read Chinese. You can look at to email the web master about your site and keep them the associated info, likes URL, site subject, description, email handle, etc. And you are able to submit to the Google & Yahoo directory first as a few of the search-engines will follow those two major players and crawled your website.


Baidu is China’s Google. It’s the most used search engine in China. Click below:, to distribute site to Baidu



Netease is still another large search-engine in China. Just like Yahoo, it gives portals and search-engine with different nformation/services.



Sina.com is focused to serve the Chinese community, contain China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. It’s different website for different areas. Sina.com provides large numbers of services; include websites, internet search engine, blog, chatroom, etc.



Sohu.com offers similar services as Sina.com. It has more than 100 million registered users and has 250 million pages seen daily.



Timway is really a Hong Kong based internet search engine. It also offers seeking solutions to other Hong Kong’s portal.


Google China/Hong Kong



Bing China/Hong Kong



You have to work with some business partners, to do business in China. You are able to find your buyers/suppliers thought the company directories. You may possibly experience Spam, if you only send messages to require co-operation. You need to find reliable partners to utilize and get rid of these phony partners. Here we list some famous company directories/portal, which can help you discover your buyers/suppliers in China. Learn more about http://surfline.com/company/bios by visiting our tasteful site.


Popular Manufactures/Suppliers/Exporters/Importers Directories, you’ll find your entire company needs here.



I-t established by China Union, PCCW Limited, R.H.Donnelley and INFOSPACE. It gives yellow page services and you will find different categorized organization information, promoting leads and getting leads.


Hong Kong Trade Devel-opment Council

TDC provides different business information, contains sourcing guide, business matching, market information and trade events. The sourcing information includes China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and is among the largest sourcing instructions in the region. tdctrade.com also offers information about China trade and Hong Kong enterprise economy. It offers different languages service, contain English, Chinese, Japanese, Deutsch, Francois, more.


Directory of Asian Manufacturers

It is an English listing outlined over 250,000 Chinese manufacturers in 30 categories.


China Dealer Directory

It’s still another index, which lists China Suppliers. The service is well organized. You can find facts company information; include handle, company background, and connections.


China Business Index

It is a company listing but with over 170,000 Chinese businesses listed in English.


Needless to say, conducting business in China, you need to know their law, culture and working model first before getting back in. Discover further on the affiliated article directory by visiting http://www.surfline.com/company/bios. You might find following internet site of use.

Different topics are covered by this HSBS webpage in working in China. This salient www.surfline.com/company/bios/ wiki has varied impressive tips for how to see about this belief. It discusses how to setup different type of business people in China. Additionally it features a part to talk about the taxation, include corporate tax, personal income tax and indirect taxes. You need to understand the legal system to run your business better. The HSBC website gives release on labour law and the advertising law.


Within this site, you can find a great deal of methods and business culture. You can learn how to approaching Chinese. You can know how to manage business gift-giving problems in China. You are able to know how important of business net-works in China. You’re advised to explore the website if you want a deep knowledge to the company culture in China.


This is an Extract from Guide to Working in China. Though it is dated as November 2004, it is a good guide. I-t covers foreign investment administration, import/export, taxation, foreign trade, finance and account, team recruiting, etc.


ChinaToday.com gives general information regarding China. It gives details about investment & trade, towns, entertainment, travel and climate. You’ll find most of the basic data over there.


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